Human Resources

The role of Human Resource Department is significant in the growth of organisation. We provide autonomy and freedom to employees to perform effectively and efficiently on the projects. The emphasis is placed on improving skill, competence and knowledge through regular training and in-house/ external professional development programmes. We have been continually working to build and manage a motivated pool of professionals by grooming internal resources and recruiting the right skill from the market, develop a high performance work-ethic and create a culture of continuous learning and skill development. Our qualified team is fully capable of executing any kind of Construction project within time and cost and with excellent quality.

Human Resource department supports the corporate strategy of the company by bringing on board the requisite skill, making and implementing prudent HR policies and processes and creating a productive work atmosphere by way of employee engagement and training programs. The quality and timely completion of works of company is testimony of the effectiveness of human assets. The management believes in involving employees in discussions and thus encourages participative and consultative culture.